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Cleanup domain names

Strip anything, get clean domain list

Supports .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .co.uk, .ca, .mobi, .eu, .in, .co.in, .sc, .tv & .cc

Domain Name List Cleaner

Cleanup domain names and get the list. Supports .com,.net,.org,.biz,.info,.us,.co.uk,.ca, .mobi, .eu, .in, .co.in, .sc, .tv & .cc

Domain name list cleaner is a tool designed to help you cleaning lists of domain names which have unwanted text in them. It will take nearly any list, remove everything except the domains themselves and output it below. It can also strip websites (urls) and clean them so if you have a text file on your server you want cleaned or a website listing domains, it can handle this too.

How to use? Enter html code, lists, unsorted text, or anything else that includes domain names. All the junk text and code will be stripped away, leaving you with only the domains.